Shhh! Listen to Life Speak

Ever been minding your own business and some event occurs, like a stranger offers to pay for your coffee, or you strike up a conversation in the grocery line and it seems like you were “just thinking about that”??   These events prompt you to decide that the “universe is trying to tell me something”. Right?

Well…  sort of…

Recently, I have had a major shift in my life and have found myself unemployed and on a sabbatical finishing my final degree on a full-time status.  Well, at 40 something, I was on an upward swing in my career; I was pretty grounded; and, I was in a wonderful relationship with a great guy.  Well, never in a million years (yes one million years!) would I have believed that my “status” would change to become a 40 something, unemployed full-time student!

So, here I am!  Over the last months, I have had these encounters that have been so peculiar and interesting and curious!  While it seemed that each event was a random coincidence, I soon began to realize that these moments were not so random at all.  At this current stage, I am less preoccupied… less busy… and subsequently more reflective.  I think losing my job has allowed me to slow down to a pace where I can actually see, hear, and feel life happening.  I am no longer racing from one meeting to another, no longer held hostage by my calendar, no supervision of other adults, no evaluations, etc.  It’s just me and God!  And while being unemployed is no visit to the amusement park, it has certainly catapulted me into a space where my mind is clearer and my spirit is more open to receive these subtle messages that God is sending me in my everyday encounters!

As a young girl, with the most incorrigible posture I could muster, I’d question things and my mother would say, “just keep living… life’ll teach you”!

I believe that our life is orchestrated intentionally and every nuance of life is designed to reveal a greater purpose.  What may appear as just an ordinary day’s event, can be life speaking to help us better understand how to interact with others, to correct our bad behavior, learn to extend grace and forgiveness, and even teach us how to not to sweat the small stuff.

This blog will explore and illuminate the curious lessons hidden in life’s everyday experiences!  Learn what I like to call LifeSpeak, and your lived experience will suddenly become not so random at all!  So, join me for weekly posts that share my Not So Random Encounters and celebrate life’s lessons filled in each encounter.

More Not So Random Encounter posts to come:

  • Not So Random Encounter with Gratitude!
  • Not So Random Encounter with Trap Music!
  • Not So Random Encounter with Little Kid Curiosity!
  • Lessons for Black Women from Black Girls

Until next time!



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