Welcome to LifeSpeak!

So, You may be wondering, why is she blogging? And what exactly is LifeSpeak?

I decided to start a blog quite awhile ago, but I ran into some uncertainty that stemmed from the vulnerability of others reading and responding to my writing.  I actually began drafting content in journal entries.  It was very therapeutic and empowered me, but it was a very personal experience.  After all, these were MY thoughts.  And, frankly, ain’t nobody’s business how I feel about “this” and “that.”  And, why would anybody care anyway?  Right?  Well . . . because I viewed this process so personally, I battled with a bit of insecurity.  I wondered, “YaLonda, are your ideas interesting enough to share with the world?” And what if you get no followers . . . no likes.

So, that tiny, scared version of me said, “Don’t do it, Ms. Celie” (cue scene from the Color Purple with Oprah rocking in the rickety chair at the dinner table)!  I had already entered into the experience with a spirit of rejection.  Already defeated.  What I know is that life has afforded me a wealth of experiences that have shaped me and pushed me to passionate places that move me spiritually, emotionally and intellectually!

This tiny internal struggled became the driving force that pushed me to launch…so, here I am—ready to share Life’s daily conversations she has with me.  She [Life] speaks in the most peculiar languages—and she and I share dialogue that is disorienting and beautiful and enraging and melodious and frightening and liberating and . . . and . . . and . . . . I don’t always understand her messages to me; but, I know she speaks . . . and I listen.  And, as the static clears and the messages can be translated, I celebrate by sharing our discourse.

LifeSpeak is what I see as the language of everyday experience.

I hope you find something meaningful in our journey.

Remember to always listen to LifeSpeak!